i14 LAN party


Concentrated Larn !

Thursday 14th November, the scene was set for i14, not only the largest british larn but the largest attendance of Gurkhas and their attaches that the world has ever witnessed !

I would normally list the sick twisted individuals that made there way to Newbury but there were so many it would take up most of the page, suffice to say that all but 3 of the clan were there and an additional 30+ weekend warriors joined our ranks.

Early tentage

A number of us arrived early on the thursday night so we could get in those extra few precious moments of larn, despite freezing weather and torrential rain, most brought tents with them and we commandered an area under a huge marquee to set up our tents.

Every larn needs its tents !

they were like two hoooge domes
Doon shows reaps how big the breasts he saw the night before were

The main event

We were in the new grandstand building again, this time they put up a load of black plastic on the windows so it was a perpetual weekend of night, good for computer screens .. bad for your head :(

Although this time we were allowed to go on the top floor, which was set up as a chill out area and cafeteria.

The X-box from i10 made a reappearance, those that read the i10 page, or were there, will remember the X-box with a slight suicidal tendancy. Luckily this time it was the people on the second floor that had to suffer it's constant noise !

The usual suspects

As well as a whole host of new perverts to join our ranks, the usual suspects were there and proving the point that larns attract the worst type of people and that the government should shut them down as soon as possible :)

Nerd tries to show us his "Fonz" impression, sadly nerd was so infected with lose from this impression we had to take him to the vets to be put down :/

not my nerd :*(
Bert looks shocked as we tell him the news about nerds death, but goten just laughs and carries on playing as he's a heartless bastard.

A surprise visit from the international african sunset blond tennis star, Boris Becker, cheers us all up :)

His arrival causes so much enthusiasm from the crowds that no one can be arsed to play computer games anymore as they all come down for his autograph,

Only dtall is left, looking forlorn, as he professional womens lawn bowls to tennis

Once all the excitement had died down it was back to the gaming. We played 4K in the raven shielf tournament and beat them ! .. I took out the whole of the 4K side in one round, my one and only claim to fame. I'd like to say it was talent but I strongly suspect the god of random pure flukey luck was staring down on me that day :)

omg ! colours ! millions of them !
Kikarse is overjoyed to find out what the on button does on his monitor, after years of thinking you only played computer games by sound alone it was a novel experience for him :)

For the first time at an i-event, we had a female presence that was actually female (nerd is normally the token female but it's not the same). The arrival of Bad_Mojo caused a stir amongst the masses,

get away from me you bunch of freaks.
She claimed she was here to fix the refrigerator, but with no moustache or dodgy music playing in the background, we knew this porno intro was a farce from the word go !

how yoooo doin ?
The sight of a lady was too much for Wizza, hormones in overdrive he just had to cover up using his tower.

Nerd misunderstands the concept and instead tries to stare down noodles top, but noodles is wise to it and brushes him aside.

what ? you mean the whole lot ? i've deleted the internet ? what ?
As part of her initiation to larn, we managed to trick mojo into thinking she'd deleted the entire internet...

When mojo found out who's idea it was to trick her, she grabbed the nearest chair leg and gave dtall the shock/enjoyment of his life.

I.... I .... mum :*(
Another first time larner, Reaps, was disgusted at the sight of dtall being impailed on a chair leg.. although later off camera he admitted to being slightly aroused by the whole scene.

Larn problems

Every larn, theres always one or two that have some minor problems with their PC's, from drivers conflicting to something coming out of it's socket in transport. Then we get on to people like Fondle, theres usually a sweepstake running at each event for just how many times he'll have to format before the weekends out, and also how long he will be there before his computer goes wrong.

windows error 03xFFFFFFFFFF
Fondle prepares for format number 7, and it's only thursday night !

Luckily for most problems theres always someone there thats had the same problem before and knows how to fix it, or has backup drivers etc.. but in fondles case he has an army of helpers that are ready and waiting to format his machine for the 380th time :D

i'll give him a bloody format !
Inertiaman tries to look inconspicuous as he can hear fondle getting ready for another format in the background.

Minty looks less than impressed as fondle cries out for format number 17

fark off i'm eating
Reaps claims he's eating and bert just looks away as fondle seeks help for format number 23


Weekend of larn comes to an end

With the sweepstake won by kick, who correctly guessed at 317 formats over 3 days, it was time to start packing up and trudging back to the life of no-larn.

As the call went out for a group photo, badda explained to us that him and nick weren't going to be in it because they had something else they needed to do first.

got win ?
Noodles and mazz were well up for the photo as they'd just been to the toilets to snort some uncut win, bert was pretty angry in the background though as someone had swapped his win for lose.. someone snorting lose is not a pretty sight :/

This is the result of the governments "care in the community" policy, it causes scenes like this .. one day people will realise this scheme doesn't work and people like these will be locked up for life !

Another weekend of living the dream comes to an end, see you at i15,