QRGR: The untold story

Well this is just a little bit of background info on the world famous (or infamous) Queens Own Royal Gurkha Rifles.

Your host for this evening is me, Bugstomper, founder of the clan and all round moody git :) I hope you're sitting comfortably ?, then I shall begin.

It was a dark day for the human race, hunger, pestilence and plague had spread around the world. The shadow of death was cast far and wide across the earth, civilisation as we know it was crumbling all around. Just as humanity was in it's last death throws, a being appeared from the clouds. Bright light surrounded the stranger and all around him was silent. The people stood back from the light, unable to withstand the holy aura.

The "clan leader", as the fire side stories began to name him, walked the earth gathering disciples from amongst the worthy, this is their story...

Welcome to QRGR, if you hadn't worked it out from the above nonsense, we're a clan that continually talk complete bollocks in a vain effort to live the dream. We were founded in September of 1999. The clan gets its name from the mercenary regiments in the British army from Nepal, known as the Gurkhas.

It was started as something to do on LAN with friends after reading about the Gurkhas and their famous war cry when they charge into battle, AYO GURKHALI !!!, which every member uses in game, spam + spam = win :)

When I joined the wireplay CS community I decided to set the clan up as a proper net gaming clan and walked the earth (ok posted on a couple of forums) searching for worthy perverts and warriors to join the ranks.

We started with CS and then expanded to DoD and more recently NS and BF1942. We're not a top clan but we do try and play properly but enjoy the game at the same time, we always play to the spirit of the game and if treated nicely are always nice in return. (ie no spamming -=LOL=- every five seconds just because you're winning ;) )

We are based in the UK but happy to play anyone, anywhere, we do have our own server from time to time but at the moment we're subscribed to a bookable server account so we book them for specific matchs.

If you're interested in playing us in any of the above games or even something not listed (we'll give anything a go once) then pop into our irc room:

#qrgr on any quakent irc server

or email me: bugstomper1@yahoo.com

In true Gurkha style, I leave you with our war cry...